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Refurbishing ST3500410AS/ST3500418AS 7200.12 familly

This video show How to fixing all problems with 7200.12 familly
Used Sediv55111 for diagnose this drive.

This steps you can use to also for ST31000528AS If you like this don't forget click Like!

Seagate repair PCB board swap ST3500410AS ST3500418AS 100517995
Tutorial: how to fix hard drive by swap the PCB board
1. How to find the correct donor board
2. Why the PCB board firmware (BIOS) transfer is a MUST?
3. What is the PCB board firmware (BIOS)?
4. Where is the PCB board firmware (BIOS)?
5. How to transfer the hard drive PCB board firmware (BIOS)?
Technical support:

Seagate repair data recovery 100603470 ST31000528AS ST3500418AS ST3320418AS ST3160318AS ST3750528AS
hard drive repair and data recovery




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