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Burberry | BU1360

Pánské hodinky Burberry BU1360

Burberry watch BU1360

I couldn't find any good information when I bought this watch at the jewellery. Burberry watches are all Fossil made and thus comming from China. Though some are better quality like the Swiss Made BU1360.

This watch IS in fact crystal sapphire glass (anti-reflective), I got this info from Fossil, which not every luxury brand has these days and prices (except Gucci).

Though the retailers say the backplate is blue, it's defenitily not a normale 'blue'. It's more dark graphite with a twist of blue when u put a light on it.

The retail price is about +-€535/650$. Watch out for the scams on this watch, mostly coming from Chinese traders. I can give you info on how to find out it's real or fake!

Burberry BU1360

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