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Parker PM20

Looking at a 2004 Parker Pm20 Hornet


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roballen2/offical : This is my "Go To" electric.
Has been for about the last 7 years.
I love it. I have a few other electrics.
I never play them. Only this Parker.
I used to be a Les Paul man.
I very rarely play it.
I jam with all kinds of people.
Play all kinds of different music.
This guitar, and a good amp. (Preferably tube)
.....and my VOX Wah....
Oh now I feel like playing.
Jack the Rabbit : I remember when the Parker Fly came out...the first time I saw an ad for it in a magazine, I freaked out. I wanted one so badly! I was only 12 at the time, but man, it caught my eye. I knew zero about guitars, except how to half-way play one, but something about those just spoke to me.
Not sure if I would buy one today, unless I got a good deal on one. I have never actually played one, so, who knows if I would even get along with the neck?
Really cool guitar, dude!!
Ali Vonal : I own the one with the nicer head stock. I was lucky to grab it from a friend several years ago. Thought it'd be a great back up or practice ax. I since have stopped playing everything else. Switched out the bridge pup for a Seymour Duncan JB. Sounds incredible. The feel is like butter, plays Jazz, rock, blues, whatever you got, it can do. stays in tune no matter what. Just a superb guitar and stunning to look at. With better stock humbuckers, they could have easily charged 1500 for it.
Arild B : Got one of these. Very good playability, comfort and feel. Have tried to sell it, though, it doesn’t get enough play time. Maybe the buckers have to go....perhaps p90s?
Scorchin64 : Killer Guitars, I own a few, they made very few of these, 100 or less in each color. Collectors Guitar

Ibanez PM20 - FG100 head to head comparison

JeeWee Donkers compares his Ibanez PM 20 and FG 100 jazz guitars.
fathand Robert : Both the guitars are really nice but I'd take the FG-100 as I have a 1985! The FG-100's are true gems that were discontinued in 1987, my 1985 doesn't have a the same bridge as yours does, it has a rosewood bridge similar to your PM20 guitar!
kirk gardner : OMG!! The FG blows the PM out of the water!!
Piotr Trypus : thank you for this video!
Jazzdings Bums : Oh No, Bigsby on FG-100 ??
JeeWee Donkers - Sugarbeat Music : I still have that rosewood bridge too :)
The FG is never going to leave my collection either.

Installation Guide for VANKYO Projector Mount PM20

It is better to install the two small plates into two horizontally aligned screw holes, as the picture during 05:31-05:37 shows.
MJX DRONES : That's the best installation I have ever seen on you tube % perfect from start to finish
Y mad : Amazing guidelines , thank you
He who must not be named : How do you put in the expansion bolts
jimmy ramirez : What the throw distance for this projector?
PuraVida : Where do the washers go?? Plastic and metal




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